Pet Policy

If you have pets and they are friendly, they are welcome here.  We would ask that you keep them on a leash. However, if they leave deposits larger than a cowboy hat, please throw that across the road or over the fence onto the neighbor's property.

If you don't have pets, we do.  Wee Willie Brown and Nellie will likely be inside our fenced yard, unless Nellie is out with Dad getting ready to go to work.  Wee Willie can't be trusted outside the fenced area, because he thinks he weighs 100 lbs and he is an incessant PEE body. They both love people and kids and are kind to other animals unless the other animal cops an attitude.

Most of our cats are wild and will roam around under your rig after dark to keep the field mice from chewing your starter wires.  Boy Cat is the exception.  He will likely come to greet you at some point.  He's old and thinks that he owns the place.  He will likely conduct a cursory inspection of your rig at some time during your stay.  There are a couple of semi-friendly cats that could end up on an open tow-behind trailer or in a storage compartment.  If you're too far away by the time you discover a feline free-loader, let your conscience be your guide. Otherwise it's best to make sure they're not on board prior to pulling out.