Pie Town RV Park, Catron County New Mexico

Welcome to the
Pie Town RV Park

  • Location:

    West side of Pie Town, New Mexico
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  • Facilities:

    The grounds and driveway are graveled and each site will accommodate a 40' (+) rig with room for a tow-behind.

    Easy access from U.S. 60, just 100 yds off of the highway. Use the second turn-in marked "ENTER" for a simple 180 degree right turn into an open space.

    Photo of the Pie Town RV Park

    Spaces 1–4 are the easiest overnight in and out, while space #5 is best for a longer stay as it requires a little more maneuvering. All spaces are designed for pull-through access.

    We can accommodate larger groups of 6 large rigs or 8 medium size rigs with some coordination.

    There are 50 amp and 20 amp receptacles (2 of each) at each pedestal. 30 amp adapters are available at no cost.

    Water and sewer is located at each site. DO NOT LEAVE WATER HOSES CONNECTED OCTOBER – APRIL. Global warming hasn't hit Pie Town yet.

  • Free DSL Wi-Fi Internet access. You must obtain an access code in the office.

  • We have a bath house complete with showers, toilets, and sinks! Even if you are not staying with us, take a shower if you need one. Donations are gladly accepted.
  • Photo of bath house

  • Pet Policy:

    If you have pets and they are friendly, they are welcome to roam the grounds. If they leave deposits larger than a cowboy hat, please throw that across the road or over the fence onto the neighbor's property.

    If you don't have pets, a large German Shepherd (Leyla) and her trusty side-kick Concho will greet you and happily eat anything you want to throw to them. If you prefer that they don't lie at your door, just tell them to go home. They both love people and kids and are kind to other animals unless the other animal cops an attitude.

    Most of our cats are wild and will roam around under your rig after dark to keep the field mice from chewing your starter wires. The 2–3 friendly cats may end up on an open tow-behind trailer. If you're too far away by the time you discover a feline free-loader, let your conscience be your guide. Otherwise it's best to make sure they're not on board prior to pulling out.

  • Trash:

    Place (bagged) trash in the back of white flat bed truck — you can't miss it. But some do.

  • Barbecue and Fire Pit:

    Both are available for your use. NO FIRES IF IT'S WINDY. SERIOUSLY!

  • Swimming Pool:

    Closed year-round

Above all. . . come, visit, relax and enjoy your stay.

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